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Phoenix’s Brophy Prep to require all students, staff to wear masks

(Getty Images/Omar Marques)

PHOENIX — As schools across Arizona work to finalize plans to reopen, Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix will require all students and staff to wear a face mask while they’re on campus.

“We want to be back on campus, and we want to do so protecting as much as possible the safety of our students, our teachers and their families,” Principal Bob Ryan told KTAR News 92.3 FM on Thursday.

“Masking to us just seems like an obvious and necessary precaution to take, just like distancing and sanitation and those things that we’ll implement as well.”

The requirement to wear a face mask is part of the private Catholic school’s AMDG 2020 campaign, which stands for awareness, masks, distancing and greater good.

The acronym comes from the Jesuit phrase ad majorem dei gloriam, which means “for the greater glory of God.”

As part of the campaign, students are asked to be aware of their health, symptoms and hand hygiene and how that impacts others.

They’re also asked to social distance on campus “to the extent that campus spaces allow” and to “focus on the greater good and work to protect one another.”

Ryan said details of how the campaign will be implemented are still being worked out but that the goal is to have all students return to campus.

“We wanted to let parents know that’s what we’re planning for,” he said. “We also wanted to begin to set expectations for what we think our new normal will be.”

He said plans could change as the coronavirus pandemic and recommendations by health experts evolve. Classes for the new school year at Brophy College Prep begin August 13.

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