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Drones making an impact on Scottsdale construction business

(AP Photo)

PHOENIX – When you think construction you might think hard hats, hammers and heavy equipment. A Scottsdale company is using technology including drones.

RCG Valuation CEO Scott Roelofs says drones have huge benefits when it comes to construction projects, chief among them cost and safety, especially when it involves big pieces of land.

Drone can cover rugged territory.

“One of the more difficult things when you have a larger piece of land,” Roelofs says, “is standing on the ground it’s a harder perspective when you’re categorizing all of the assets … so the drones create a highly accurate 3-D scan of the entire property.

“We’re also adding artificial intelligence.”

He said the software is fairly simple, runs through a flight check before the drone takes off and fly’s a pattern already preset.

“We’re able to contract through 3,500 drone pilots across the country and control the quality of our scans. We use drones on every project.”

It’s not a perfect science yet.

“It’s still a brand new technology and there’s still some bugs,” Roelofs says.

“If everything goes perfectly. then the project is super easy, but unfortunately it almost never goes perfectly because of issues with wind and rain.”

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