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Sinema talks coronavirus, implies Trump isn’t well-informed on outbreak

(KTAR News/Matt Bertram)

PHOENIX — On the same day Arizona’s third positive coronavirus test was confirmed, Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema urged her constituents to conduct commonsense hygiene practices and follow information put forth by government scientists.

“The CDC is the best place to get your information,” Sinema told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Gaydos and Chad Show. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services should be Arizonans’ second source for coronavirus information, she continued.

Although Sinema praised the “team of really qualified scientists who are doing their best” at both the DHS and Maricopa County Health Services, she acknowledged the major issue facing The Grand Canyon state.

“The biggest challenge we face right now in Arizona is we don’t have enough kits to test people who may have been contaminated through community contact.”

However, Sinema said the good news is that otherwise healthy individuals — those who are not elderly nor have compromised immune systems —  are not at risk, and that flu-like symptoms would likely be the worst case scenario for such people.

“Not everyone is well-informed about the coronavirus,” Sinema said when asked if she was frustrated by President Trump’s public remarks in response to the virus.

“What I would suggest is anyone who doesn’t have verifiable, accurate information… It’s okay to not say anything and let the scientists speak.”

Sinema then cautioned other public officals against following in the president’s footsteps.

“It is important for elected officials — especially those of us who are not scientists — to only repeat information that is verified.”

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