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Glowy Zoey is cutest and most high-tech costume this year

If you haven’t heard of Glowy Zoey, prepare yourself.

You’re about to meet one of the cutest little girls in the world. She also happens to be in one of the coolest costumes to hit Halloween — a glowing Minnie Mouse stick figure that changes color with Zoey’s voice.

The costume was made by Zoey’s father for the family’s trip to Disneyland, where Zoey said she expected to receive precisely three candies.

But judging by her cuteness and her fame, it’s likely she received much more than that.

This costume all started with a similar costume created last year, which was just a simple white stick figure, made out of LEDs.

The “Glowy Zoey” video exploded, and soon people everywhere were asking if they could buy similar costumes. Zoey’s dad soon made a website where you could purchase them.

This year, Zoey’s costume is even better, with 372 LEDs that change color with Zoey’s adorable laugh and comments.

Many people are said to “light up a room,” but it looks like Glowy Zoey does it best.