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Will Californians’ politics change Arizona’s landscape in 2020?

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PHOENIX — In 2019, Arizona was the No. 2 relocation spot for Californians. How will that shape the 2020 elections?

Politically, Californians are mostly blue.

“If they are strong pro-choice, strong environment, and strong in certain other left-leaning issues, when they come to Arizona, do you think all of a sudden they become pro-life?” Mike Noble with O.H. Predictive Insights asked.

He points to some statewide offices going to Democratic candidates, and Kyrsten Sinema winning a U.S. Senate seat in last year’s election.

“I still think, though, it’s too early to tell if it’s actually a direct correlation to the changes in Arizona’s political voting behavior,” Noble said.

And some Californians coming to Arizona are Republicans.

A study from Storage Cafe finds they and all Arizona in-migrants are coming for cheaper homes and better jobs, and not necessarily for politics.

“They’re coming here based on their own personal needs,” Noble confirmed. “But their ideology is not going to change very much.”

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