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Watch founded in Phoenix measures blood sugar, lifting techniques

(KTAR News Photo/Peter Samore)

PHOENIX — Imagine a watch that’s more than a smartphone on your wrist.

This watch won’t break your skin, but it will measure your blood sugar level.

“Ninety percent of prediabetics do not know that they are prediabetic,” said Joe Hitt, founder of GoX Labs in central Phoenix.

When the watch is linked to a pod that you wear on your collar, Hitt said it will help prevent heat stress, dehydration, and back injuries.

“And then this watch also sends the information to the cloud,” he added. “We apply artificial intelligence to predict if the injury is going to occur or not.”

Users will study good lifting techniques beforehand, so the watch and pod can alert you when you’re out of sync.

“Our watch also assesses your metabolic rate,” Hitt said. “We know how much energy you’re burning for good lifts and bad lifts.”

Hitt says the latter burns fewer calories. He hopes his product will prevent injuries and lost hours on the job.

“This is about a half a trillion dollars a year problem for the employer, talking from diabetes to workforce injury,” Hitt said. “Those premiums are going up for companies, and they’re also going up for the worker.”

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