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Smart home security technology has perks, problems

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PHOENIX — By now, you may have received your Amazon Prime Day purchases, which could include smart home security gadgets.

But they come with perks and problems.

Your doorbell camera could show you who’s in front of your house, even when you’re not there.

“But the reality is, it’s not like an instantaneous way to nab a criminal that perpetrating a crime on your property,” said Ken Colburn, president and CEO of Data Doctors.

To be sure, he finds nothing wrong with boosting security measures, but that could produce a false sense of crime in the area.

“Just because a Ring doorbell captures a piece of video of somebody walking across, or coming near the door, does not mean that it’s a crime or a criminal,” Colburn said.

He also warns to beware of hackers.

“Any one of those devices that’s connected to your home computer, if it’s not properly secured, is the access to the network, and then from there, they can control your cameras and do whatever they want,” Colburn said.

And whatever video is recorded could be subpoenaed as evidence.

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