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More Arizona women than men voted in 2018 midterm election

(AP Photo/Matt York)

PHOENIX — Women voters outnumbered men during the 2018 midterm election in Arizona, according to a new analysis released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

About 1.5 million women in Arizona voted in the November election, compared to nearly 1.3 million men, according to the analysis.

Just over 60% of voting-age Arizona women voted, while the figure was 57% for men.

The Census Bureau data also shows turnout among women nationally was also higher than it was for men. The voter turnout rate for women was 55% and nearly 52% for men.

Latinos also turned out to vote in large numbers in Arizona. About 558,000 Latinos voted in the 2018 midterm election, up from 364,000 in the 2014 midterm.

Overall, about 59% of voting-age Arizonans turned out to vote. That was up from 40.6% in 2014. This increase in turnout is on par with what happened nationally.

Voter turnout went from about 42% of voting-age Americans in 2014 to just over 53% in 2018. According to the Census data, 2018 had the highest midterm turnout in four decades, while the 2014 midterm had the lowest.

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