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Cindy, Meghan McCain call on Trump to stop ‘bullying’ Arizona senator

PHOENIX — It is no secret that President Donald Trump and U.S. Sen. John McCain often don’t see eye-to-eye.

Since Trump first announced his candidacy in 2015, he has mocked the Arizona senator for being “captured” in Vietnam, privately made fun of his thumbs-down vote on an Obamacare repeal vote and has claimed he is all talk and no action on issues like the universal health care bill.

Most recently, Trump used his platform at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland to slam McCain over his no vote on a so-called “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act, but did not name him.

This came just weeks after McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, told Politico’s “Women Rule” podcast that she believed Trump was done launching attacks on her father, who is battling brain cancer.

But on a Wednesday episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” both Meghan and her mother, Cindy McCain, took an opportunity to respond to the president’s attacks and call for an end to the fighting within the Republican Party.

Meghan said when she saw that CPAC attendees were booing her father, it took her back because she said she was under the impression that the “fight between our families, between him and my father, especially at this particular moment, would end.”

She said that in the fall, after a report surfaced in Axios that Trump was mocking McCain’s downvote, she had spoken to the president and had “a very nice conversation with him and [first lady] Melania.”

But Meghan said on “The View” that she does not believe those relationships will be as cordial going forward.

“I understand that the argument is about policy and that’s the attack, but it’s still incredibly hurtful…to have this moment of booing at CPAC, which is supposed to be the mothership of conservatism and the Republican Party,” Meghan said.

“I feel, quite frankly, naive to believe that this would be any different.”

Cindy also called for the “bullying” of her husband by the president to end, arguing that there are “much bigger things to worry about.

“We need more compassion, more empathy, more togetherness,” Cindy said. “We don’t need more bullying. I’m tired of it.”

“We should want to be a united front,” Meghan added.

Several of the hosts on “The View,” including Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, stood up for McCain and argued that Trump’s behavior would never stop because that is all he knows.

“His ego does not allow for anyone else to have accolades,” Goldberg said. “People love your dad because they know what is right and will stand up” for what is right.

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