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Arizona Sen. John McCain pranks CNN reporter on-air by giving him the horns

Days on Capitol Hill can be long, treacherous and just plain boring for senators. So when Arizona Sen. John McCain saw the opportunity to pick on a CNN reporter, he went for it.

CNN Congressional Reporter Manu Raju was filming a live shot in the Russell Senate building on Wednesday, discussing Senate Democrats’ efforts to delay a couple votes for Cabinet positions, when McCain spotted the camera and decided to improv.

Yes, that’s right, Arizona’s senator give Raju the horns while on live television. And the best part? He was not the least bit sorry.

Congressional reporters had a field day on Twitter over McCain’s stunt, which was a welcomed relief from a long half-week that saw both a Supreme Court Justice nominee and the confirmation of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

One reporter even pointed out that this was not the senator’s first time throwing up the horns.

Even Raju took the moment in stride.

Who will McCain prank next? The world will have to wait and see.

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