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He Said: Wild Thaiger may be the best Thai food in the Phoenix area

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I feel lucky that I have found a few really good Thai restaurants in the Valley, some of which I have written about in the past.

I didn’t dream I would find another one that made my stomach so happy that I am considering making it my exclusive Thai provider.

Wild Thaiger, near Central Avenue and Thomas Road, is just that restaurant.

I have driven by it numerous times and always thought I would try it out someday, but it took a random night at a friend’s house when we used Postmates to order it that I finally got a taste.

This order led to many more takeout orders and a few eat-in dinners as well. Some might say I have an addiction but I didn’t care because it was so good.

We went a little overboard on our first order but the way we all chowed down you would have thought we hadn’t eaten in weeks. Let’s begin with all the wonderful starters.

The corn fritters seem like an odd choice at a Thai restaurant, but they were wonderful. Just as the name implies, they are clusters of corn kernels of differing sizes. These are wonderfully spicy on their own, but then we discovered the accompanied cucumber sauce for dipping.

Wow! It’s hard to explain the sauce exactly but it became a group favorite immediately. A bit oily and sweet, it melds perfectly with the fritters and we began using it on the fresh rolls as well.

The rolls come with chicken and shrimp along with the usual cucumbers, sprouts and noodles. The spicy peanut sauce is not too spicy and was a close second to the cucumber sauce.

Dragon Eggz come either crispy or steamed — we are sure that both ways are equally as good — but we went with the steamed version. These pork, crab and shrimp dumplings are huge! Imagine meatballs wrapped in a dumpling casing, but so big they are not fully encased. Then they top it with a crunchy topping and provide “zippy sauce” for dipping.

Honestly we should have stopped there, but we kept going and tried out a couple of entrees as well. This is where I found my new favorite Thai dish.

Kimow is spicy indeed and I thought I would not enjoy it because I don’t do well with spicy. However, this one made my taste buds very happy — clear noodles, chicken, spicy chili garlic, basil, carrots, broccoli, snow peas, and sweet onions are all meddled together to create a perfect balance.

Everything comes together in a nice very light sauce. It is not heavy or overly filling, but instead just a nice lighter-yet-very-hot dish. Upon a return visit, I asked for no spice and, I admit, it wasn’t as good, so I always let them make it how it is supposed to be made.

There are plenty of other dishes I must try, including their Pad Thai and their Mi Dang Dang which is barbecue pork, soba noodles, sprouts, a hardboiled egg and a sweet sauce. It sounds divine and is on my list of menu items to try out.

I’ll be back many more times so I am not too worried about it.

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