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Monsoon likely to drop rain on Phoenix area this week

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PHOENIX — There’s a slight chance the Phoenix area could get its first monsoon rainfall Monday evening, forecasters said.

The chances for stormy weather improve Tuesday and into the weekend. Tucson got hit Sunday night with more than an inch of rain in some locations.

Glenn Lader with the National Weather Service in Tucson said firefighters carried out several water rescues. There were no injuries.

“There was over an inch of rain and a lot of that happened in the course of 30-45 minutes in the urban setting with considerable rainfall and the water not having anywhere to go,” Lader said.

The weather service said this will likely be the warmest June in Phoenix recorded history after a pair of heatwaves brought temperatures of 116 twice and 118 once.

Austin Jamison with the service said he can’t rule out another hot run of temperatures at 115 or above this summer.

“Still too early to say that, unfortunately, but late June and early July is the hottest time of year,” he said.

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