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Arizona parents want marijuana regulated like alcohol, unveil billboard

PHOENIX — A group of parents launched a Father’s Day-themed billboard in support of the initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Arizona.

Parents for Responsible Regulation (PRR) held a news conference Thursday in downtown Phoenix, to put up a billboard that reads, “Please, card my son. Regulate the sale of marijuana and help me keep it out of his hands.”

The advertisement, which will be up through Father’s Day, directs people to go to, in hopes that people will become more informed and take action to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors.


“Our current system of marijuana prohibition has failed to keep marijuana out of the hands of teens,” PRR co-chair Sonia Martinez said.

“It forces marijuana sales into the underground market, where customers are never asked for ID and often exposed to other illegal products. In a regulated system, checks for proof of age would be mandatory and strictly enforced.

“I would do everything in my power to protect my children, and that’s why I am speaking out in support of regulating marijuana like alcohol.”

Arizona is one of 25 states that have laws legalizing marijuana, at least medically.

No one under 18 is allowed to apply for a medical marijuana card, but that doesn’t mean minors aren’t getting access to it.

“Marijuana prohibition clearly is not working, so it’s time to take a more sensible approach,” PRR co-chair Kathy Inman said.

“Through responsible regulation, our state has dramatically reduced teen alcohol and tobacco use over the past decade. We would see similar success and fewer problems if we regulated marijuana in a similar fashion.”

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