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Apple making plans to sell off extra solar energy from Arizona plant, others

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PHOENIX — Apple has made plans to sell off extra solar energy produced at facilities in Arizona and other states, according to reports.

The company, which has a data center in Mesa, has applied with the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as an energy subsidiary called Apple Energy LLC.

Approval of the filing would allow the Apple offshoot to acquire the rights to sell the extra electricity produced at Mesa, its new Cupertino, California headquarters and other sites.

Other sites are located in Nevada, Oregon and North Carolina.

The new company is registered in Delaware but run from its main Bay Area campus.

According to Bloomberg, the tech company not only plans to sell the energy from its rooftop solar panels but also from its hydrogen fuel cells, solar farms, hydroelectric plants and biogas facilities.

If approved, Apple would be able to start selling energy by Aug. 5.

Google’s parent company Alphabet was the first company to trade energy directly with customers instead of through a utility.

The blog 9to5Mac reported that the Apple told the energy commissions “that it meets the legal criteria for selling electricity at market rates because it is not a major player in the energy business and thus has no power to influence electricity prices.”

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