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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, dad dresses 6-month-old as naughty leprechaun

(Photo: Imgur/ThatDadBlog)

In need of a little laugh on this St. Patrick’s Day?

Look no further: This dad went above and beyond to bring the funny on the day where most people see green — by turning his 6-month-old into a naughty leprechaun.

The baby leprechaun can be seen stirring up trouble in his pot of gold through a series of photographs posted to Imgur by user .

The star behind the photographs is actually Alan Lawrence, the mastermind behind “That Dad Blog,” a blog about Lawrence’s life with six — yes, six! — kids (including one who can fly!)

So laugh it up this St. Patrick’s Day, thanks to the creative genius that is Lawrence. If you’re looking for even more laughs, check out his posts about his flying child, Wil.


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