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(KTAR Photo/Jim Cross)
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Food challenge on: New menu items at Salt River Fields will test the hungry


The Arizona Diamondbacks open spring training play Tuesday at 3:10 p.m. hosting the University of Arizona. Besides new faces to the Diamondbacks roster, fans will see two new food items at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Anyone who loves a food challenge at the ballpark will be pleased with the latest offerings at the park near Scottsdale.

Robert Brackett with Spectra Food Services said Southwest Mac and Cheese with green chilies and the Mega Dog have been added to the menu.

(KTAR Photo/Jim Cross)

(KTAR Photo/Jim Cross)

“That’s over a pound of food. A half-pound, footlong hot dog topped with Southwest mac and cheese and pulled pork. All in a bun,” he said.

The hot dog sells for $12 and the mac and cheese costs $7.

“We were trying to combine some of Southwestern food items and fans always love a challenge item. Anything big and bold fans always think is fun.”

(KTAR Photo/Jim Cross)

(KTAR Photo/Jim Cross)

The team hasn’t announced what’s new on the menu this upcoming regular season at Chase Field.

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