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AAA survey says Arizona drivers don’t obey ‘Move Over’ law

PHOENIX — Triple-A of Arizona said a majority of drivers aren’t obeying the state’s “Move Over” law.

Triple-A fleet employees claim many Arizona drivers never obey the state’s law that requires motorists to move over one lane or, if that’s not possible, slow down and use caution when passing a vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road.

“Over half of them report almost being hit while doing their duty at least once per week, and 34 percent report experiencing a close call one to two times a month,” said Triple-A Arizona Public Affairs and Communications Director Linda Gorman.

Injury and fatality rates for emergency responders, including tow truck drivers, is twice the national average, according to a data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Arizona’s “Move Over” law went into effect in 2011 and intended to increase safety for stranded motorists and tow truck drivers. In 2005, a similar law was passed but only protected emergency and police vehicles.

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