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Man accused of swindling AutoZone stores Valleywide

PHOENIX — Police arrested a man last month suspected of defrauding AutoZone stores in multiple states, including Arizona.

Phoenix police allege 25-year-old Davion Brayboy would steal small, expensive auto parts, obtain a manager’s password and use an unmanned computer to create a fake return for the part.

“He would go to the next store and actually affect the return and get the cash for that part,” Officer James Holmes said, adding that police know of at least 134 alleged incidents.

Police began investigating Brayboy last year, but it is believed he ran the scheme between March 2009 and May 2014. He allegedly attempted to avoid detection by remaining on the move.

“He would go to, let’s say Tolleson, and hit the AutoZone there,” Holmes said. “Then we could track him by time and by video and by transactions going from the West Valley to the East Valley. He’d spend the night in the East Valley and he would turn around and come back the next morning.”

Holmes said Brayboy would then leave Arizona. AutoZones in California reported the same scheme. It is unknown if he attempted it in other states.

Brayboy was charged with fraud, burglary, theft, and computer tampering.