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Wendy’s, nearby store wage war of words on storefront signs

(Twitter Photo/@dylanmonroeTTU)

A Wendy’s hamburger joint in Lubbock, Texas engaged in a war of words using marquee signs against a nearby ice and tea store.

As seen on Buzzfeed, the verbal fisticuffs began when Pure Water Ice & Tea Company put a message on its sign, “Burgers aren’t the only thing square at Wendy’s,” the hamburger fast food chain that famously uses square patties on its sandwiches.

Wendy and her crew clapped back: “Everyone knows Wendys squares up, you ain’t bout that life.”

It didn’t end there.

This was a battle for the ages. Wendy’s is well-known for having a social media account that pushes the boundaries and appeals to younger crowds, but their non-traditional ways seem to be true for its individual locations.

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