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Carvana could open multi-story car vending machine in Tempe

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PHOENIX — Tempe could soon be home to a multi-story vending machine that sells cars, not chips and cookies.

The Phoenix Business Journal reports the Tempe-based company has asked the city council to approve a nine-story, glass-enclosed automobile vending machine near Scottsdale Road and the Loop 202.

The council is expected to vote on the idea on Thursday.

The vending machine will not work exactly like the one in the break room, unfortunately.

People searching for cars — both new and used — can find one through Carvana’s website. Once the car is selected, the new buyer sorts out all the financing with the company.

After all the forms are signed on the dotted line — or electronically — the car’s new owner receives an access code. The code is input at the vending machine and the new owner drives away in their car.

For those who are a little hesitant to use the service, Carvana has a help line and the vending machines are staffed with attendants.

The company has already built five machines. There is one each in Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

But not everyone lives in those cities. Those who buy a car through Carvana and are outside the extended service area are offered a $200 flight subsidy to get them to their new car.

Of course, that could mean a long drive home and a meal or two out of the regular old vending machines.

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