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Financing Arizona’s future: A discussion on the eve of the 2017 legislative session

(Arizona Capitol Museum Facebook Photo)

Budgetary issues seem poised to dominate the upcoming legislative session. Two influential Arizona policy organizations have recently weighed in on relevant issues:

  • For over 50 years, Arizona Town Hall has brought together a diverse collection of leading Arizona citizens to discuss a single issue at a time. This years’ conference, “Financing Arizona’s Future,” has just released its report. Tara Jackson is the president of Arizona Town Hall and will join us to discuss this report.
  • Dick Forman, president and CEO of the Arizona Business Education Coalition (ABEC), was director of corporate public affairs for Southwest Gas. He has been on the boards of two charter schools and has chaired or co-chaired 11 public school finance campaign initiatives. He will comment on the Arizona Town Hall report’s recommendations as well as an innovative tax proposal of his own.

The discussion could not be more timely: the Arizona Legislature begins its session the morning after this week’s Think Tank.