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Arizona electors holding firm on Trump votes despite threats

(AP Photo)
LISTEN: Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX — Arizona electors are still looking forward to casting their votes for President-elect Donald Trump next week despite the threatening calls, emails and letters they’ve received, a state GOP leader said.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham told KTAR-FM’s Arizona’s Morning News on Friday that he has kept in touch with the 11 electoral voters and that “everyone is enthusiastic to vote Monday for … Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.”

The voters have been inundated at their homes to change their minds leading into the Electoral College meeting Monday to validate Trump’s election.

“It’s pretty pathetic to watch the way people are behaving as it relates to this voter process in our country,” Graham said.

Electors all over the country have been inundated with threats to not vote for Trump.

Graham been on the receiving end of the campaign. As a state party leader, Graham had the option to appoint himself to the Electoral College and did so.

Graham and his wife have saved the letters they’ve gotten.

“They would cover our three-car driveway, if laid out, he said.

“Now it’s letters in Christmas cards … so we have to open them.”

Graham said he was concerned for the safety of the other electoral voters, whose addresses have been used as return addresses on some of the correspondence.

“When they start playing games like that it makes people pretty nervous.”

He added that even though there were difference among party members, “… they are party people in the sense that they support the nominee.”

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