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Website lists Arizona as least charitable state in country

PHOENIX — If you are charitable and live in Arizona, you are in the minority, according to data from WalletHub.

The personal-finances website ranked all 50 states using 13 metrics to find out which states were the most and least charitable. Arizona ranked dead last.

Jill Gonzalez, an advisor for WalletHub, said Arizona fared poorly in all aspects. The two main categories of volunteering and service and charitable giving were both problems for the Grand Canyon State.

“Arizona, unfortunately, ranked dead last out of all 50 states, especially when it comes to both the time and money aspects here,” Gonzalez said.

“It was fifth worst when it comes to the lowest percentage of the population who claimed to have donated time, and when it comes to the fewest number of charities per capita, Arizona is also in the bottom five.”

The number of Arizona residents who claimed to donate time to charities was around 20 percent; the national average is 25 to 33 percent.

For monetary donations, only 3 percent claimed they did, nearly half the average of 5 to 8 percent.

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