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Magician David Blaine displays latest illusions on ‘Tonight Show’

David Blaine never ceases to amaze audiences, and his latest appearance on “The Tonight Show” was no exception.

The popular magician spent some time with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots last weekend to promote his new special “Beyond Magic,” and took the opportunity to show off some of his new illusions.

Blaine starts out with a few simple cards tricks to get Fallon and his crew warmed up, but the real action begins near the end of the video with a trick known as “The Human Aquarium.”

As one might conclude from its name, this trick isn’t for those with a weak stomach. Blaine drinks a glass of water, then proceeds to regurgitate a live frog back into the glass, sending Fallon and the rest of the “Tonight Show” audience into a frenzy.

After proving to the audience that the amphibian was in fact alive, Blaine promptly returns the frog to its “aquarium” by swallowing it back down.

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