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Oh, good Google! Search engine treats users with Halloween Doodle game


The internet plus cats is such a cliche. People are not spending gobs of time online anymore watching cats perform tricks or helping them dispatch ghosts threatening their Hogwarts-like school.

Wait, what?

Monday’s Google Doodle gave the competitive and curious the chance to guide a Harry Potter-ish cat named Momo through battles against ghosts that invaded a wizard academy by doodling lines onscreen.

In a blog post, the search engine giant said creating a doodle that let users play “was very exciting for us.”

It was pretty exciting for the online community, too. Social media was tweeting like crazy about the game.

Some users posted their scores while others were inspired enough to doodle their own art based on the game.

The game was available for users in North America, Australia, most of Europe and parts of South America and Asia.

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