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Study: Phoenix, Tucson rank low in likelihood to survive zombie apocalypse

(AP Photo)

A new study by CareerBuilder took a close look at how the 53 biggest cities in the country would fare during a zombie apocalypse and the two Arizona cities in the study did not do well.

The study ranked Tucson No. 46 and Phoenix No. 30, putting Tucson as the eighth-worst city in the study and Phoenix outside of the top half.

The criteria for the study was based on occupational skills and industry characteristics, breaking down eight different factors into four categories: Defense, containment, cure research and food supply.

Tucson ranked poorly in containment and food, while Phoenix’s downfall was its cure research score.

Boston, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Baltimore and San Diego were the top five. New York City, Tampa and Los Angeles were the three worst.

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