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Report: Possible I-10 alternative could become Arizona’s first toll road

(AP Photo)

Anyone who has driven on Interstate 10 during rush hour knows how bad the traffic can be. Those wishing for a speedier route could be in luck, but maybe only if they are willing to pay for it.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has been looking into ways to clear up the freeway logjams with an alternative to I-10 that includes a possible State Route 30 and the South Mountain Freeway.

According to KJZZ 91.5, SR-30 could become a toll road.

An ADOT spokesman told KJZZ 91.5 that they don’t believe they have enough funding to follow through on the plan to build a proposed freeway parallel of I-10 that runs south through the West Valley. So that freeway being made a toll road may be the only option, if SR-30 is actually going to become a reality.

The same spokesman said that ADOT will undergo a study into the toll road idea that will last six months.

There has never been a toll road in the state of Arizona.

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