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Scottsdale named one of nation’s best cities for retirement

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According to an in-depth analysis by WalletHub, Scottsdale is the third-best city to retire in among the 150 largest cities in the United States.

Jill Gonzalez, a spokesperson for WalletHub, said of the 31 factors the analysis looked at, Scottsdale did the best in quality of life and activities.

Quality of life includes emotional health, weather, commuters who used public transportation, the violent crime and property crime rates and air and water quality. Scottsdale was No. 1 in many of them.

Activities included in the study were the number or recreation and senior centers per capita, fishing, public golf courses, museums and theaters.

Scottsdale was first in the number of homecare facilities per capita, which matches up well with the city also having the highest percentage of the population at the age of 65 or over at 21 percent. The more traditional marks around the country are anywhere from the single digits to 15 percent.

Florida dominated the rankings, with four cities in the top 10. The worst city of the 150 according to the analysis was Providence.

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