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Phoenix named one of least charming capitals in US

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The state capital for each state in the United States has an obvious level of importance to the state’s image.

Arizona’s capital is located in Phoenix, and according to RentLingo, it’s not very charming.

“The Charm Index” looks at the affordability of local businesses, the ratings of nearby businesses, how active the residence is and the density of nearby gyms, bike tracks, parks, etc. It also accounts for whether businesses are corporate chains or local boutiques, and crime statistics.

The Charm Index stems from the belief that a charming neighborhood is created from flourishing local business combined with a residence that feels safe, is active, and has many opportunities to interact with other residents. Local shops such as bookstores, theatres, and restaurants that receive high ratings by residents tend to create very charming atmospheres, call us crazy. Meanwhile, neighborhoods that are not as charming have a higher percentage of chain stores, pawn shops, strip clubs, credit loan stores, crime, and do not have access to community institutions such as parks, town halls and flea markets.

Phoenix scored 36th out of the 49 capitals.

The top five are Boston, Annapolis, Providence, Washington and Madison. The bottom five are Jefferson City, Hartford, Augusta, Carson City and Trenton.

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