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Sen. John McCain and the Republican National Convention

(AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

We’re talking Republican Presidential Politics in the Think Tank this week.

Arizona Sen. John McCain joins the Think Tank.

Among other things, we ask him about why he, a former Presidential nominee, is conspicuously sitting this one out.

We also discuss some highly complementary evaluations he made of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State after she left office (but before she signaled Presidential intentions).  And we ask him about Donald Trump’s statements that he would not come to the defense of NATO countries that had not paid their “fair share” of defense costs.

In other segments, we are joined by ace Republican strategist Chuck Coughlin and Democratic guru Bob Grossfeld. They take a look back at this week’s Republican convention. Their evaluations are surprisingly similar.

We also check back in with Chuck on the status of the scenario he presented in the Think Tank several months ago for how Donald Trump can capture the White House. Conspicuously Chuck presented this analysis when few gave Trump much of a chance.  Those odds have clearly narrowed, so Chuck’s observations are worth a careful hearing.