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Could seasoned political veterans sink Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?

(AP Photo/Steve Helber, File)
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Holy undisciplined campaign, Batman!

After surviving 36 hours of a news cycle that included accusations of plagiarism directed at his wife, his campaign chairman saying there’s nothing there and others saying you don’t need to look to Michelle Obama to explain Melania Trump’s speech Monday night (because you can find similar themes in the cartoon “My Little Pony?”), Donald Trump’s campaign finally admitted what we expected all along: some campaign staffer is to blame.

In an open letter, Meredith McIver explains that while working on Melania’s speech, she asked the potential first lady, “Who inspires you?” and one person whose name came up was Michelle Obama.

Then, she explains, Melania read her some excerpts from an Obama speech over the phone, which, McIver says, she took notes from. They ended up in the original draft and, apparently, the final draft, and that’s how Melania channeled Michelle.

See? It’s so simple!

And you know what? I believe her!

But what I can’t believe is the almost cartoonish way that the Trump campaign is run. But it’s not a funny cartoon. It’s an annoying cartoon, kind of like “My Little Pony.”

Everybody knew it was a staffer who messed up! So why not say that?

When I was a young Republican volunteering for various campaigns, it would’ve been an honor to be a scapegoat/martyr for a guy running for president! And this lady didn’t even lose her job!

I’m afraid, however, that Donald won’t get the job he wants — president of United States — but it won’t be young people screwing up his chances. It’ll be the supposedly seasoned veterans making things worse than they do.

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