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ASU students suggest new ways to use Sun Devil Stadium

A rendering of what the stadium could look like with new changes. (ASU Photo)

When the Arizona State University football team isn’t playing, Sun Devil Stadium sits dormant.

There is commencement and a December bowl game that happen annually, but the rest of the year, it does not get a whole lot of use.

That’s why ASU’s The Design School decided to make their annual student competition about other ways the stadium can be used. Since Sun Devil Stadium is getting a face lift over the next year, stadium designers could choose to incorporate student ideas into the newly renovated facility.

Groups came up with several ideas such as concessions stands that are open daily, showers for bikers and child care facilities. The group that won called their proposal “Sun Devil Central” which would turn the grass field into a public park.

“So when there wouldn’t be any games, people could come down to the field and do their homework or just hang out,” said Patrick Griffin, a junior majoring in visual communication design. “They could hold events in the field like yoga or exercising.”

Other ideas from his group included turning the concourse into a running track, adding a playground for children and a beer garden for adults.

“By implementing all four of these ideas, we could attract all ages,” Griffin said.

Griffin stressed that the stadium should be able to be used by the whole community and not just ASU students. His group’s ideas, as well as others, are being considered for inclusion into the new look for Sun Devil Stadium.

Renovations will be completed in 2017.

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