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  • ‘Think Tank’ rounds up the latest Arizona and national political news

    Chuck Coughlin joins the "Think Tank" for the show's first political news roundup in six weeks, covering both Arizona and national issues.
  • What is the Citizens Clean Elections Commission in Arizona?

    What is the Citizens Clean Elections Commission in Arizona? "Think Tank" explores that question on this week's show. 
  • ‘Think Tank’ discusses dirty money with Terry Goddard

    Terry Goddard is a former Arizona attorney general, former mayor of Phoenix and two-time Democratic nominee for Arizona governor. He joins "Think Tank" this week to discuss dirty money.
  • Former Arizona AG Grant Woods to discuss Mueller report, 2020, more

    Former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods joins Think Tank this week to discuss the Mueller report, the 2020 race and more.
  • Politically correct

    The words “politically correct” have become fighting words. KTAR News 92.3 FM's Think Tank explores the history of this phrase in this week's episode.
  • What is going on with Arizona politics? Think Tank explores

    Having surveyed the national presidential scene recently, KTAR News 92.3 FM's the Think Tank decided that it is time to spend an hour on Arizona politics.
  • Think Tank dives into Mueller report with former U.S. attorney for Arizona

    The Think Tank takes a deep dive into Attorney General William Barr's memo purporting to summarize the long-awaited Mueller report.
  • ‘Think Tank’ goes inside Arizona’s prisons

    This week’s "Think Tank" takes you inside Arizona’s prisons. Our guests each spent years imprisoned in the Arizona penal system.
  • Think Tank discusses 2020 presidential election

    There are only 10 more months until the Iowa presidential caucuses. That means it is for KTAR News 92.3 FM's Think Tank to take a preliminary pass at the candidates’ prospects.
  • Think Tank discusses Phoenix election, Equal Rights Amendment

    This week on KTAR News 92.3 FM's Think Tank, host Mike O'Neil will tackle two topics: The Phoenix mayoral election and the Equal Rights Amendment.