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Phoenix mayor to open Arizona trade office in Mexico City

LISTEN: Phoenix mayor to open Arizona trade office in Mexico City

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is in Mexico City this week to open the new Arizona trade office, designed to promote trade and stimulate our local economies.

“We know that although is already our number trade partner, we got a long way to go,” said Stanton. “We are still catching up to our friends in California and Texas who are way ahead of us.”

The future of Phoenix’s local economy and the future of the Mexican economy are one in the same, he said.

“As we grow together, and trade more together we going to create more jobs here in Phoenix,” Stanton said. “But in order to do that you have to have a presence on the ground.”

The trade office in Mexico City will have a full time person whose job is to find opportunities for small and medium sized businesses here, he said.

“No matter how small you are now, there may be a customer base in the country of Mexico, which has a very fast growing middle class and the economy there is doing very well,” Stanton said.

The trade office is being paid for by state, city and private appropriations, he said.

Stanton encourages business leaders to call the city of Phoenix to see what trade opportunities are available.