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Sarah Palin’s endorsement only hurts Donald Trump’s campaign

(AP Photos)

On Tuesday, we witnessed the biggest endorsement for president thus far of the race for the White House in 2016.

Forget about endorsing Bernie Sanders because, lets face it, the Democratic National Committee has already crowned Hillary Clinton as their nominee.

Donald Trump took another step towards an Iowa primary victory as the woman that derailed Sen. John McCain’s presidential run, Sarah Palin, threw her reality show circus behind the New York billionaire on Tuesday.

Look, I like Palin. I always have. I have backed her as a governor, a champion of powerful family women and the wife of a man that could kill any of us with one finger.

But let’s face it: She is political cancer outside of the Midwest.

Trump can ride this endorsement to victory in Iowa, but what about New Hampshire and beyond?

Let’s talk like adults: The vast majority of Americans are moving away from the MSNBC and Fox News crowds. They have moved to the center, aka where sanity lives.

This endorsement is a one-and-done deal. The Trump campaign needs to treat it as such or they, like McCain, are doomed.

I get it. Palin is more qualified to be commander in chief than many of the candidates that are running, but the left has done a great job in painting her as something that she is not: An idiot.

Trump needs to dance with the date that brought him. He has reached this level of support on his own because of who he is and how he creates a name for himself, not the words of other politicians.

Having political endorsements from campaigns past only takes Trump away from what has made him a viable representative of the American people. Basically, Palin’s endorsement only hurts him.

Trump needs to continue to dominate media attention by being, well, himself and not letting others use him to extend their own 15 minutes of fame.

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