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Police: Phoenix saw 30-year low in murders in 2015

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

PHOENIX — Police said there were fewer murders in Phoenix last year, among the lowest total in 30 years.

There were 113 homicides in Phoenix in 2015. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the last time Phoenix saw less than 113 murders was in 1988, when 104 people were killed in the city.

“That (year) had been a record for us and still is to this day and so we’re really looking back to a homicide rate this year that we had almost 30 years ago,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump said.

The police spokesman said a couple of decades ago Phoenix had three times as many murders in a year, but the city has since seen much lower numbers.

“It wasn’t uncommon years ago for us to top the number of 300,” he said. “We have seen a steady decline in that over the past several years and have continued to see it and then obviously saw it this year.”

Crump said the city is taking steps in the right direction as it relates to reducing crime.

“I think any time you are talking about a homicide count you want to believe that one is too many, but in a city our size, typically we average in the low one-hundreds,” Crump said.

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