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Here’s your ‘Rosie-Do List’ for January


Everyone has heard of the “honey-do” list. These are the little (sometimes big) home maintenance chores that your honey asks you to do each weekend.

We’re starting a new series this year where our first article of the month will give you my recommended to-dos for that particular month.

With that in mind, let’s dig into our list for January 2016!

The new year is a great time to take on several little jobs at your house to save you trouble later in the year. Here are my suggestions for getting 2016 in your home off to a good start:

Power up alarms, clocks, remotes and all your AA devices

Put fresh, brand new batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, TV remotes, flashlights, clocks, digital thermometers/gauges and other battery-operated household devices. Do this every New Year’s Day, whether they need changing or not. This will also help you remember when you changed them last! (Note: Use 10-year, lithium batteries for the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms)

Improve the air

With all the parties over and guests headed home, start the New Year off by changing your dirty and dusty heating and air conditioning intake filters. Resolve to do this every month to ensure that you get top quality performance from your HVAC system.

Stop the leaks

Do your own personal energy audit to see where cold air may be leaking into your house. You may feel this happening around windows, electrical outlets or under sinks around pipes. You can apply latex caulk or a little non-expanding insulating spray foam around pipes. Take off outlet covers and caulk around open edges between the receptacles and wall. Turn off the circuit breaker before you do this. This process can also help keep out summer heat.

Organize decorations

Take down your holiday decorations and get them organized for next year. Draw a map of which lights to use where on your house. Label the strands and store them in separate storage bins. Do the same kind of labeling on bins and boxes of tree decorations. Keep track of which lights need to be replaced next year.

Recycle your Christmas tree

There are places around the Valley to help you recycle your Christmas tree. Check online to find out where to take real Christmas trees for recycling or what days you can set them out for the garbage pick-up.

In the yard

Prune roses and deciduous trees; sow wildflower seeds; fight weeds while they are young with a but of pre-emergent. Watch for freezes and cover plants if necessary. Cover your pipes as well if you haven’t done so already.

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