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Stanton: ‘There will be a comprehensive immigration bill’

LISTEN: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

PHOENIX – Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said Tuesday he believes the federal government will pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

Stanton spoke with News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos after spending the day with President Barack Obama. He said the two discussed multiple topics, ranging from the housing market to immigration reform.

“I’m ultimately an optimist; I actually think there will be a comprehensive bill because I think the American people are going to speak up and say, ‘enough is enough, it’s time to actually do something about immigration, the only way to do it is in a comprehensive way.”

Stanton passed a letter to Obama from a “Dreamer,” thanking the president for his work on immigration.

“It was a thank you letter to say to the president how much this young student appreciated the president’s leadership on immigration reform and how he could live his life and work without fear of being deported, and he wanted to just show his appreciation,” Stanton said.

When asked what he thought happened to the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill that is still sitting in the House, Stanton said he felt rivalries were blocking the bill from progressing.

“Let’s be honest, as much as there is a hyper-partisan fight between Democrats and Republicans, I think there as much of a fight between the Senate and the House. Those guys just don’t like each other.”

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