The anti-American Anthony Kern crazy continues in Arizona

Feb 15, 2024, 12:00 PM

After almost four years of hearing the wild-eyed, crazy, rigged-election nonsense (with its stories of people “muling” fake ballots… ballots printed on bamboo being flown in from Asia in the middle of the night… tales of Republican election officials working behind the scenes to make sure Republicans lose elections), the crazy continues.  

I’ve said that our presidential primary will be pretty meaningless — since Trump and Biden are baked into their respective parties’ nomination cakes. But now it sounds like some Arizona Republicans would like to make your vote in the General Election meaningless.

Republican state Sen. Anthony Kern proposed a bill last month that would allow the Legislature to override the results of Arizona’s General Election and decide which candidate Arizona’s 11 presidential electors will vote for in the Electoral College.

Then, State Republican Rep. Rachel Jones said “..hold my beer…” and sponsored a plan that: 

  1. Sounds like she’s been drinking too much beer…because…
  2. House Resolution 2055 says the Legislature shouldn’t even wait to see which candidate Arizonans vote for in the General Election. HR2055 would automatically pledge Arizona’s presidential electors to the winner of the Republican primary (i.e. Donald Trump).

This is apparent payback for those imaginary stolen elections and attempts in other state’s to have Trump removed from the ballot.

I asked Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, the man who oversees the state’s elections, what he thinks of this idea — and I got the answer I kind of expected: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Anthony Kern and his buddies hate Arizona voters. They don’t respect Arizona’s voters. They don’t care what Arizona’s voters think.” 

“It is the epitome of elitism. And it is the opposite of conservatism. Conservatives are supposed to believe that the people get to decide, right?”

Since Fontes is a pretty liberal Democrat, I don’t think one should take his description of what “conservatism” is at face value. But I do think letting the people decide — and respecting their decisions — is something that conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats are supposed to be about … because that’s what Americans are supposed to be about.

If you’re a legislator who doesn’t believe like that, you should probably look into what it takes to join North Korea’s, Iran’s, Venezuela’s or Communist China’s legislature.

And while they are looking into that, I’m going to look into whether we can hold an election where we vote these people “off the island.”

We want to hear from you.

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Jim Sharpe


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The anti-American Anthony Kern crazy continues in Arizona