When most diets fail, re:vitalize makes a difference that shows

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Jul 12, 2023, 3:12 PM | Updated: Jul 20, 2023, 3:03 pm


Staying healthy and losing weight are things many people in the Valley are conscious of, especially during the summer.

As Arizona hits triple digits and schools are out, that means vacations to the beach or lake and pictures going on social media.

A healthy diet is imperative to losing weight and looking the best, but unfortunately most “diets” fail because they don’t take into account the individual. In other words, you get the same generic eating plan, drugs, or bars and shakes as the next person.

“Many diets can help you lose weight in the short term, but most fail to fix the underlying metabolic issues at play to help you truly keep the weight off,” said Dan LeMoine, board-certified nutritionist and co-founder of re:vitalize. “The technology and science is now available that we can start removing the guesswork on how to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off without needing to mess with drugs or crash dieting.”

Most people who have tried a weight-loss regimen know that losing pounds and keeping them off can be a difficult task.

Diets can fail for many different reasons, but according to LeMoine and his team at re:vitalize, it all comes back to the metabolism and learning which foods are best for your unique makeup in order to lose weight now or in the future if you decide you want to lose more.

Many people point to their busy personal schedules, family life or genetics as reasons why they cannot keep weight off, but there is a solution.

At re:vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness, the custom program uses state-of-the-art biometric technology and a personalized approach based on science and real foods to create a bespoke plan for you. Re:vitalize not only guarantees results but builds your roadmap for a healthier lifestyle.

Re:vitalize wants those who are dieting to “fear no food” because of the importance of having a healthy relationship with nutrient-dense, whole foods.

“One of the things we say most often to our members once they’ve lost their weight and locked it in is ‘fear no food.’ You should be able to lose weight and still be able to enjoy pizza or a glass of wine,” LeMoine said.

This includes helping stave off different food cravings through the “four D’s:” delay the time between snacks, determine the reason you want that snack, distract yourself from the food and finally physically distance yourself from the food and put it out of reach.

Re:vitalize uses its unique unique BioScan™ technology to build a customized micro-nutrient profile and targeted nutrition plan, as well as utilizing biometric body composition analysis to benchmark, measure and track not only your weight loss but various other biomarkers like visceral fat around your organs, body fat and hydration percentages — even your metabolic age. Their board-certified staff helps equip and empower you with top-of-the-line coaching, support and resources to make sure you’re enjoying the journey and seeing significant results.

The company wants to rebalance the body by addressing underlying factors that could be affecting the metabolism. The goal is to empower each member to understand the way certain foods influence their body and metabolism, and to get each member to a place where they can eat the foods they love but with a faster-burning metabolism and roadmap to keep them on track.

Those interested can schedule a consultation and meet with a board-certified specialist.

Each program will include: a structured weight loss stage for the first 20-40 days, eating foods from a Foods For Weight Loss list, no calorie counting or calorie restriction, a metabolic lock-in stage for the following three weeks after the first 20-40 days and identifying which foods are negative trigger foods that cause inflammation and weight gain.

For details about the program, visit re:vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness online.




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When most diets fail, re:vitalize makes a difference that shows