Stream 4K and more with powerful, high-speed fiber internet

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Oct 5, 2022, 8:09 AM | Updated: Oct 20, 2022, 2:15 am

The theme music from the latest watercooler drama echoes from the upstairs bedroom while the kitchen is livened by a regularly binged comedy playing on a tablet. One screen in the living room isn’t quite enough when the home team and your alma mater tip off at the same time, so you’ve got the TV going as you stream recaps on a laptop.

Sound familiar? It should. Streaming eclipsed cable as the primary way Americans consume television content this year, according to Nielsen data.

Approximately 85% of American households have at least one streaming service with an average of four subscriptions, reports the Deloitte Digital Media Trends Study. It has become nearly impossible to live off only one or two services in order to stream new shows, watch live sports or relax with re-runs of classics.

With so many outlets providing unique content, the number of streaming options can be overwhelming, for individuals and their home internet bandwidth.

Choosing which services to subscribe to, finding shows that have overlap between multiple platforms and debating whether or not to cut cable are difficult decisions to make, and there is no room for stress that one’s internet cannot keep up with the increased demand.

Fortunately, fiber internet is here and it can be faster than cable. Fiber optics is an internet technology that uses glass filaments and light pulses to move information at nearly the speed of light. Fiber internet is engineered to connect multiple devices at once with unsurpassed speed and reliability. And today, high-speed fiber internet is available from Quantum Fiber.

Part of a Tier 1 global network tied directly to the internet backbone, Quantum Fiber delivers reliable high-speed internet that’s powerful enough to support an entire household, so you can do things like enjoy 4K videos as fast as you can download them. Quantum Fiber delivers high-speed broadband to multifamily communities, residential, and small business customers in sixteen states throughout the U.S. on an ultra-fast, secure, 99.9% reliable* network.
*Based on network uptime or availability

Drop the dead zones and move room to room without missing a beat with Quantum Fiber’s 360 WiFi. Multiple access points around a home or business ensure your devices have the strongest connection possible without minimal buffering.**
**Monthly fee may apply.

With so many excellent streaming platforms and devices to choose from, the only hassle will be deciding what you want to stream next. For more information, speeds available in your area, and the latest offers, visit Q.com.


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