How high-speed fiber internet can improve everyday life

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Sep 26, 2022, 9:11 AM | Updated: Oct 25, 2022, 4:01 pm


The internet is where we work, play and live our connected lives. And today, we crave more bandwidth than ever to do it all.

Life happens at once. You may be leading the morning meeting from your home office while the kids stream a movie in the living room and your partner takes a video call from the kitchen table. You don’t have time for slow loading speeds. With so much happening at once, your internet service should be fast, stable and reliable. That’s why fiber internet is becoming a necessity for modern life.

Fiber optics is an internet technology that uses glass filaments and light pulses to move information at nearly the speed of light.

Unlike copper networks (copper-only cable or DSL), fiber signals aren’t as prone to distortion or outside interference, and transmission stays stronger over longer distances. Fiber internet can give your home unsurpassed speed, reliability and durability.

With fiber internet, high-bandwidth homes and small businesses can have the speed to run multiple devices at full-go—all at the same time. Upload 4K videos as fast as you download them. Enjoy the freedom to move from room to room while your devices stay connected to WiFi, binge your latest favorite show or get some work done.

Fiber provides the backbone for your home’s internet usage, and the provider you choose matters.


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Quantum Fiber is part of a Tier 1 global network and tied directly to the fiber internet backbone. It delivers high-speed broadband to multifamily communities, residential and small business customers throughout the U.S. on an ultra-fast, secure and 99.9% reliable (based on network uptime or availability network).

Plus, Quantum Fiber can take you way beyond that single old-school WiFi router you’re used to. With dead-zone defeating 360 WiFi from Quantum Fiber, multiple wireless access points around a home or business can bring fast, virtually seamless WiFi coverage — exactly where you want it.

Technology changes in the blink of an eye, creating even more of a need to be online. High-speed fiber internet enables the device-driven world of today, all while keeping us ready for tomorrow.

Quantum Fiber is high-speed internet built for all the ways you use it.

For more information, speeds available in your area, and the latest offers, visit Q.com.

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How high-speed fiber internet can improve everyday life