Here are 10 tech company customer service phone numbers

Aug 3, 2022, 7:00 PM
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If the long wait times and hard-to-find numbers don’t make it clear enough, I’ll say it: Tech companies don’t want to talk to you.

Here’s a secret I bet you didn’t know. You can have Amazon call you if you have a problem with an order or anything else. Tap or click here for the secret spot on Amazon’s website.

You can use the chat function on a site, but scammers have made those hard to trust. Tap or click for red flags to spot a Facebook chatbot scam that steals login details.

When you need help, always find contact info on the company’s official website. Even that isn’t always easy. Luckily, I did the digging for you.

Stop Googling! Here are 10 numbers you might need

It’s very dangerous to Google search tech company phone numbers. Scammers work the system to get spoofed websites and phone numbers as the top search results via ads.

Instead of waiting for a response to an online form, try calling. Know that the wait times may be long. (Keep reading for a smart way to see just how long.)

I also included links for those of you who would rather use a contact form or chat service.

1. Amazon: 888-280-4331; Go here for Amazon support.
2. Microsoft: 800-642-7676; Go here for Microsoft support.
3. Apple: 800-275-2273; Go here for Apple support.
4. Google: 650-253-0000; Go here for Google support.
5. Meta (Facebook and Instagram): 650-543-4800 (Heads up: It’s hard to get someone to answer); Go here for Facebook support. Go here for Instagram support.
6. Tesla: 888-518-3752; Go here for Tesla support.
7. Roku: 816-272-8106; Go here for Roku support.
8. Samsung: 800-726-7864; Go here for Samsung support.
9. PayPal: 888-221-1161; Go here for PayPal support.
10. Zoom: 888-799-9666; Go here for Zoom support.

Now, what if you need to contact a company not on this list? As I said, your best bet is finding a contact number on the company’s official site. You can also try this trick.

Find customer support and wait times

If you don’t want to deal with finding a number yourself, Get Human can help. Just type in a company’s name to see contact information.

You can browse or search for the company numbers. Select the brand from the dropdown results, and you’ll go to a listing page with the details you need to get in touch.

A warning: The site is full of ads you should never click. Skip the buttons that claim to prompt a call or chat automatically. Grab a pen and paper and write down the number.

Luckily, it’s easy to tell which number is the one to use — the big blue one on the left side of the screen. You will even see the current wait time and the best time to call.

You’re now armed with the info you need, no Google search is required. Speaking of which, here are seven things you should never search for on Google.

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Here are 10 tech company customer service phone numbers