These apps and sites are better places to sell your stuff than Craigslist

Dec 12, 2021, 5:00 AM
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Back in the day, Craigslist was the go-to way to sell your old stuff online. We have all heard the stories of when things go wrong. It’s a reason why many local police departments let you conduct transactions in their facilities.

You should never give out your phone number to a stranger. Tap or click here to get a second number on your phone you can use instead.

Don’t accept checks or money orders, either. Prospective buyers can cancel these, and you don’t know until they’re long gone. Many of the options below are great because you can pay right through the app. Here’s the difference between Venmo, Apple Cash, Facebook payments, and more for in-person deals.

But where to sell? Scan this list, and you’ll find one that fits what you’re offloading.

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for a broad audience to hawk your wares, you can’t beat Facebook. The free Facebook Marketplace makes it easy to reach people in your area interested in what you’re selling.

You can sell just about anything on Facebook Marketplace. Once you upload images of your items, select your location to reach potential buyers in your area and communicate via Facebook Messenger.

This is a good reminder to check your Facebook security settings, too. Did you know Facebook can track what you do when you’re offline too? Tap or click for 10 Facebook settings you should adjust right now.

2. OfferUp

Skip the yard sale and list your stuff quickly on OfferUp. The app is free to use, and you can message others, so you don’t need to give your phone number or email address.

It’s perfect for local sales. If you want to extend your range, OfferUp lets you sell nationwide. For a local sale, money changes hands in person. For goods that are shipped, payments are made through the app.

3. eBay

You can’t have a list of where to sell things online without including eBay. It’s the best go-to place for checking the current market value of an item. If you have something rare such as a collectible, you’ll probably find a better audience on eBay than if you use one of the local apps.

There are two ways to sell on eBay: via auction or fixed-price listings. Both methods come with fees, and all payments go through PayPal.

4. Mercari

No meetups are required with this selling app because all items are shipped. Mercari allows you to list as many things as you want with zero listing fees. What’s the catch? It charges a flat 10% fee when your item sells.

Buyers can purchase your item at your asking price or offer you an amount they are willing to pay. Any time you sell an item on Mercari, you will have to wait to get paid (into your Mercari app account) until your buyer receives the item, leaves feedback for you, and you leave feedback for them.

You can transfer money from the Mercari app directly to your bank account, which can take a few days. Although this step requires a bit of patience, there are no fees for transfers.

5. Decluttr

You can use Decluttr to sell tech gadgets like old phones, computers, tablets, and smart home gear. There’s no need to create a listing, write a description, upload photos, or negotiate with buyers. Simply upload information about the devices you want to sell, and you get an offer.

You won’t need to dig out the old charger, original box, or any accessories. The price you’re offered is for the device only. The payout is pretty good, too.

6. thredUP

You can lug your clothes to a resale shop or drop them off at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Or you can sell them on thredUp, the largest online consignment and thrift store.

Instead of listing your items manually, try the Clean Out Bag. You fill the kit with gently-used items and ship it back. Then thredUP lists your items and sends them to buyers.

Be warned: Not everything will sell. About 40% of goods are not accepted, thredUp says. If thredUP cannot sell the items, you can have them shipped back for $10.99 or let thredUP donate them to charity on your behalf.

Payouts can range from 5% to 80% for directly purchased items and 20% to 95% for consignment goods. Pay alternatives include PayPal, a Visa prepaid card or shopping credit.

Now, armed with this intel, find things in your home to declutter and sell!

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These apps and sites are better places to sell your stuff than Craigslist