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Quarterly report shows Republicans have most active voters in Arizona

(Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

PHOENIX — The quarterly voter registration report released by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office on Thursday show the Republican Party still has the most active voters in the state.

Those whose voting information is up to date are considered active, while people are considered inactive if election mailings are returned undeliverable and an individual hasn’t submitted a registration form or updated their address.

Both inactive and active voters are still registered and eligible to participate in elections, according to a press release.

The data covering the general election in November last year to January reveal 1.52 million active voters in Arizona identify as Republican, as opposed to 1.38 million who identify as Democrat.

Independent active voters are behind the Democratic Party by around 20,000 with 1.36 million while just over 38,400 active voters in the state identity as Libertarians.

Each political classification witnessed an increase in active voters in the new quarterly report.

The Republican Party saw the biggest jump in active voters from the general election in November to January, with the party gaining 11,550.

The Democratic Party gained 2,081 active voters in the latest report after a 94,803 active voter boost from the primary election to the general election.

The Republican Party in the same time period gained 119,332 active voters.

Active voter numbers for independents increased by 5,233 from the general election in the latest report, while the Libertarian active voter count grew by just 42.

Despite Republicans having the most active voters in the state, with 35% of the state’s active voters identifying as Republican, Arizona’s political identity had a seismic shift in the 2020 election.

Joe Biden was the first Democrat to win the traditionally-red state since Bill Clinton in 1996 and Democrat Mark Kelly beat Republican incumbent Martha McSally, giving the state two Democratic senators for the first time in almost 70 years.

The 2020 election, along with the 2018 election when Democratic U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was elected, place the state in a toss-up category in terms of national elections going into the future.

More than 4.7 million people, both active and inactive, are registered to vote overall as of the recent quarterly report.

“We saw more participation in the 2020 General Election than ever before,” Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said in the release.

“It’s undeniable that Arizona voters continue to be engaged in the democratic process.”

Inactive voter numbers in Arizona have steadily decreased in the state since the primary election report, dropping by more than 65,000 in that time period to 434,762 in the latest report.

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