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Anonymous entry among winners of 2020 ADOT safety message contest

(Arizona Department of Transportation)

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation on Tuesday revealed the 2020 winners of its annual safety message contest, including an anonymous submission.

The person who entered one of the top two online vote-getters among 12 finalists — “Signal and ready to mingle” – did not provide contact information.

Anonymous submissions are permitted in the rules, but it was the first time an uncredited entry won in the four-year history of the contest, ADOT said in a press release.

The other winning entry – “Red fish, blue fish, speeding’s foolish” – came from the minds of Paula and Scott Cullymore of Mesa, with an assist from Dr. Seuss.

“It was almost to the deadline and I asked my wife, who’s a kindergarten teacher, if she had any ideas,” Scott said in the release.

“She said, ‘This week is Dr. Seuss Week,’ and that’s how the message came to be. She gets all the credit.”

The winning messages will be shown on overhead freeway message boards at a date to be determined. The signs are currently displaying traffic information or COVID-19 safety messages.

ADOT received 4,000 entries for this year’s contest and picked 12 finalists for the public to choose among.

More than, 5,500 votes were cast online.

“We’ve been amazed at the level of public interest each time we’ve held this contest and this year is no different,” ADOT Director John Halikowski said in the release. “Thousands of Arizonans sent us their messages and thousands more voted for their favorite.

“The purpose of displaying unconventional safety messages is to get people engaged and talking about making safer and smarter decisions behind the wheel. In that respect, this effort is a success.”

The 2019 contest winners were “Drive like the person your dog thinks you are” and “Drink & drive? Meet police and see new bars.”

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