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Drinking coffee before taking a nap could boost energy levels

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PHOENIX — Drinking coffee before taking a nap could help you sleep better.

The caffeine infusion could help us feel more energized and focused when we wake up.

“Regular black coffee is best. The size depends on a person’s tolerance for caffeine,” Amerisleep sleep coach Nicholas Parker said.

“But try to keep it to one serving. Any more than that can make it difficult to get to sleep later that night.”

There is one catch to the advice. It can only help when dozing off for 20 minutes.

“It takes caffeine about 20 minutes to work its way to our brains,” Parker said. “And napping more than 20 minutes would put you into a deeper part of your sleep cycle.”

But why not wait to drink coffee until after waking up? Parker says napping reduces adenosine in our brains.

“Adenosine is a chemical produced through stressful activities, and its buildup leads to fatigue,” he said. “Neatly enough, caffeine fits into the same receptors as the adenosine.

“So, as adenosine is cleaned out, caffeine takes its place.”

Parker says you can nap wherever you want.

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