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The realities and rumors of coronavirus and Costco

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Let’s take a moment to talk coronavirus reality and rumors.

Let’s start with rumors like this one: “I don’t care what the government says, coronavirus is lurking just beneath the surface!” I’m guessing some people are actually saying this even though Arizona has only seen two coronavirus cases and the first person with it not only didn’t die – fully recovered

A couple of empty shelves in a couple of stores might be a sign that at least a couple of people are actually thinking this way.

However, Gov. Doug Ducey is thinking – and talking – exactly the way he should: calmly. 

A couple of hours after he led a Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands-kinda coronavirus press conference, the governor kept the calm going with KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Gaydos and Chad where he said: “One thing you want to do is not be an alarmist – but you want to deal with what the facts are, what the situation is. You want to prepare for the worst and then hope for the best.”

Unfortunately, some people take this to mean – “HE’S HIDING SOMETHING!!” 

Some might think what he’s hiding is his shopping habits. (I’m not kidding and I’ll explain in a sec.)

Please! Let’s not get as crazy as Texas! The Lone Star State is where Valley surgeon, Dr. Sommer Gunia, has been stuck thanks to a coronavirus quarantine. 

She was supposed to leave Lackland Air Force Base yesterday but told me this morning on Arizona’s Morning News that after a month of being quarantined (and showing no symptoms), the city of San Antonio told her she couldn’t leave Lackland Air Force Base.

“They’re threatening that if we leave the base… threatening to pull people over and I don’t know – I don’t know what.”

That particular form of Texas insanity might just be local politicians trying to look all tough by standing up to the federal government and (of course, the evil) President Trump.

But wait – that also means they’re standing up to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention and… uh, well, science.

They’re politicians so we can expect ridiculous behavior.

However, what one journalist asked Governor Ducey during yesterday’s press conference is a real head-scratcher. Because I actually respect this guy, he’ll remain nameless. That’s what makes his question all the more surprising – and because it could feed coronavirus fears and lead to more than just a couple of empty store shelves.

He started by telling Ducey, “I was at Costco yesterday and I will tell you what I saw people walking out with.” Then, he asked: “What are you personally buying and what are you and Angela personally buying?”

(Insert eye-roll emoji here.)

First, if Governor Ducey were secretly stocking up for the Coronavirus Apocalypse, do you think he would be the one pushing the shopping cart? “He has people for that.”

Second, is the fact that this one particular reporter is seeing people walking out of Costco with a lot of stuff a good basis for a question? Isn’t that what Costco is all about – a LOT of stuff?! 

Two cartfuls from Costco is a reality. It’s not a rumor. 

I guess seeing somebody walk out of a store with a 55-gallon drum of mayonnaise and a month’s worth of toilet paper could be a reason to panic. Until I remember that’s what my wife always gets at COSTCO.

It’s not an aberration and it’s certainly not a reason to panic.


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