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Taking the leap: Couples to tie the knot in Arizona on Leap Day

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PHOENIX — Some couples in Arizona are making the leap into marriage on Leap Day this Saturday.

For couples like the soon-to-be Arnolds, that means getting two days to celebrate.

Patricia Pittman and her fiance, Charles Arnold, said their Leap Day nuptials were purely happenstance.

“We didn’t google any history of it, we don’t know any of the secret folklore and we just knew Arizona this time of year would be a wonderful experience for our visiting family and friends,” said Arnold with a chuckle. “Had we thought about this more clearly we wouldn’t have chosen a weekend that’s [one of] the most expensive of the year.”

Originally, the couple hoped to say “I do” on the 22nd in honor of Arnold’s late father but the date was booked at their venue.

“My dad’s number was 22,” he explained. “When I was growing he said, ‘son, that number is very significant to me and our family, just notice it.’… You name it, 22 always shows up. 22 is a fun date, a number, for us to just always have a significant celebration around.”

Pittman said that on non-leap years they plan to celebrate on the 22nd.

“It’s a very special thing to us and since we can’t celebrate every year on the 29th, we thought that the 22nd would be the next most special day we could celebrate,” she said.

But they’re not the only ones planning on getting two specials days out of their Leap Day wedding date.

“We actually didn’t even realize it was Leap Year until [after we booked our venue],” bride-to-be Emma Jones said. “It made it way more fun and planned out when we were going to celebrate it.”

She and her future husband, Wade Ryan, decided that on non-leap years, they’ll celebrate on the 28th.

“Every four years, when Leap Year happens, we’re going to take a vacation and make a bigger celebration out of our anniversary since it’s a little more meaningful,” Jones said. “We talked about coming back to Arizona just because we don’t have any plans between now and then to come back and visit and since it’s going to be a special place for us.”

Both couples said that while they may not have planned it, they’re both thrilled to make the special date their special day.

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