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Study says Chandler among nation’s best in tech jobs for women

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PHOENIX – A personal finance website said a Valley suburb is among the best in the nation for providing new opportunities for women seeking employment within the computer and information technology sector.

According to research published by SmartAsset, 15 American cities have distinguished themselves with economic environments that are particularly advantageous to tech-savvy women, with Chandler coming in at No. 8.

Similar to other other U.S. cities that made the cut, Chandler is not a highly populated locality.

Houston was the only top-five most populated American city that broke into SmartAsset’s top 15.

The study further found that after accounting for housing costs, women in Chandler were able to earn a median annual salary of $61,878, or 10% less than their male colleagues.

Data from the study illustrated that on a national level, women only accounted for 23% of the computer and tech workforce and earn only 83% of their male counterparts’ median salary.

Yet, when accounting for factors such as “gender pay gap, earnings after housing costs, women’s representation in the tech workforce and 4-year tech employment growth,” women-friendly tech cities quickly emerged, with Chandler wedging in between Long Beach, California, at No. 7 and Philadelphia at No. 9.

SmartAsset also noted that by 2028, it is expected that the employment of computer and information technology workers will have grown 12% from 2018 figures, making it an enviable field for those entering the workforce or looking for a career change.

The top ranked city was determined to be Baltimore and was followed in order by Washington D.C.,  Arlington, Virginia,  Chesapeake, Virginia,  and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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